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Okay folks, I usually reserve the blog for all things related to Sebastion or anything having to do with Alongrid in general. This week I am going to stray from that path for a little bit. This week I am going to ask for some help from those of you that read my blogs, my stories and what not. I have a very simple request of all of you all. I am going to post a link to my main web site, my Amazon author page, and my Deviant Art portfolio. If you have enjoyed any of my work, anything that I have shared through this blog or my facebook pages, please follow those links and just look around. You might even click on the ‘like’ button if you are feeling particularly helpful. You see, computers keep up with web traffic and those numbers help a budding author out. When you get high numbers it brings attention to your website. This is a good thing. So please, follow these links, ‘like’ my stuff, ‘share’ these links with your friends and ask them to do the same. Chances are, if you have been watching this blog it will be stuff that you are interested in anyway, and every click helps.

Website: http://www.heavymetalcowboy.com
Deviant Art: http://www.hmcowboy.deviantart.com/gallery
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/stevedorning