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You all know I have been working on making ‘There Shouldn’t Be Elves In Hammertown’ into a graphic novel, what you didn’t know was that I was also working on turning it into an audio book. I’ve actually done the recording and am adding sound effects and music before I upload it on the web. That being said, as I have been reviewing the sound files, I think I have decided to move bump it up a notch. In stead of just me doing the reading, I think I will do a theatrical production of it. I have voice actors to cover most of the main characters, but I’m still needing some ‘extras’. If any of you are interested, drop me a line at hvymtl_cowboy (@) hotmail.com. The story is still free for download at my smashwords page (www.smashwords.com/books/view/250640) if you want to review it. If no one steps up, I will still publish it as audio, but I would love some help from you all to make it a better production!