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I know I haven’t been posting a lot here.  It is not because I am any less enthusiastic about my Hammertown world.  It is more often than not that I don’t have ‘enough’ to make a decent post.  I do a bit here and a bit there, but that ‘bit’ isn’t quite enough for me to wave the flag for.  I turned ‘There Shouldn’t Be Elves In Hammertown’ into an Audio Drama and posted that everywhere I could.  I was also working on turning it into a graphic novel, but I don’t think the people reading my stuff want to see me tell the same story a different way (although it adds a little extra).  That being the case, I have put it on the back burner for a while now.  I have decided to post some of what I have and drop a link here for those would enjoy seeing it.  Enjoy.