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Okay, okay. So I haven’t been posting.  I have to say that I am not very good at the blogging thing.  One of my writer friends is always telling me “consistency is the key”, but apparently I am no good at it.  I run two blogs; this one that is solely dedicated to Hammertown and all the odds and ends I generate while creating the world of Sebastion Locke, and my Heavy Metal Cowboy blog that I use as a life lesson journal of sorts.  I was posting pretty regular on that one until recently.  My (mundane) work schedule has changed and this is forcing me to adjust the way I do things.  Maybe I can use this time of change to force me to post regularly here as well.  Anyway, for those of you still interested, here are a few pictures of my daughter cosplaying as…well herself.  I created the character of Talim Kender, modeling her from the inspiration of my daughter.  She makes a perfect elf. A good one, not one of the Nazi kind…